tagging stem cells

Stem cells were first identified in the 1960's by Canadian researchers Drs. Till, McCulloch and Becker. This exhibit is an illustrated overview of their landmark experiment. Presented as a gallery exhibit and an online exhibit.

CCR5 Delta 32 DNA Sequence

Large banners showing two ways to visualize a DNA mutation deletion. 

The human genome has billions of nucleotides strung together in a particular sequence.  When a mutation occurs in the sequence, even a very small one, it can have a profound effect. In the case of the CCR5 gene, 32 missing nucleotides results in HIV resistance and offers a potential cure for AIDS.

star trek / James webb space telescope
commemorative spoons

Hand carved spoons celebrating science and space exploration.

Hand carved spoons celebrating science and space exploration.

The Happiness Project

A personal project to connect with people. It started with an open letter to 100 friends offering to deliver a handmade trinket from my workshop.

Having friends and sharing is good for me. I didn't need science to tell me that. I was, however, interested in finding out what research has been able to tease out.

Positive Psychology Postcards

A series of four postcards, each transmitting some concept about mental health based on research from the emerging science of positive psychology. The images are intended to be quiet reminders of healthful practices without the clutter of words.