About Me:  Emei Ma (Toronto, Canada)

I produce art with a science narrative. My goal is to engage the public in discussions about science by creating art that stimulates curiosity. I am also an amateur woodworker.

Science art is relatively new to me. I started in 2013 when my friend Dr. Wendy Wobeser invited me to create an art installation about the immune system as it relates to a hepatitis C infection. Wendy is the co-founder of the Nascent Art Science Collective, a group of doctors, scientists and artists with a vision to engage the public about hardship and medical issues. My exhibits about Hepatitis C, HIV and genetics, and stem cells were all inspired by this innovative group.

The Positive Psychology Postcards and The Happiness Project are science art works related to mental health. They come from a personal interest for a more compassionate way of living, presented through a science narrative. 

In 2014 I started doing woodwork.  My workshop is a very low tech and everything is made using traditional hand tools.  I make mostly functional items like spoons, stools and boxes, and occasionally more abstract pieces. 

I have several other side projects that can be seen in my CV and social media accounts.

I am not funded by any group. I receive the occasional honorarium for exhibiting my work.