This exhibit celebrates Star Trek, science, and space exploration.  It draws attention to the relationship between Star Trek and NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

The spoons are hand carved from maple. Each one is approximately 20cm (8 inches) tall.


Four of the spoons have Star Trek emblems. The Starfleet, Vulcan, and Klingon emblems were originally designed by William Ware Theiss. The Borg emblem was designed by Michael Okuda.*


The JWST spoon was based on NASA's official insignia. The principal visual is the hexagon shape which is used to form the primary mirror of the telescope. 

Photo credit: NASA

Photo credit: NASA

Photo Credit: NASA

Photo Credit: NASA


There have been many articles detailing the relationship between Star Trek and NASA. In fact the JWST was originally called the Next Generation Space Telescope. And like the starship Enterprise, the JWST will seek for life on other planets and explore galaxies farther afar than ever before.


This collection was inspired by an invitation to participate in the 2017 Mirfield Arts Festival. Star Trek is one of their main themes this year. Mirfield, England is the hometown of Sir Patrick Stewart. He plays Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Picard is absolutely my favourite character from the entire Star Trek franchise.



Further reading:

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope webpage. Great introduction to the everything JWST.

'Star Trek' and NASA: 50 Years of Fictional and Factual Space Crossovers Article by Robert Pearlman. Nice overview plus images of real astronauts that were guest actors on Star Trek.


*Many thanks to Michael Okuda for his informative correspondence regarding the emblem designers.