The information on this website is intended to be shared.  Almost all the content and images are original works by me.  I own the copyright to my material. Where I have used another artist's material, I have tried to note it clearly.

Generally speaking, I ask that you credit my work by providing photo credit to Emei Ma. If you wish, you can link to my website (, my Twitter account (@workshopemei), or my Instagram account (@workshop_emei), as appropriate. 

More specifically,

  • Educational and non-commercial uses - A notice would be nice. It would make my day.
  • Any commercial uses - Prior written consent is necessary.

This is a complicated subject.  My guidelines are based on a "do unto others as you will have others do unto you" kind of philosophy.  I think I can live by these guidelines.  

Photo Credits

Almost all photos taken by me, Emei Ma, with the following exceptions:

  • Tagging Stem Cells: Photos from gallery exhibit are by Peter Ma
  • CCR5 Delta 32 Banners. The high resolution photos were taken by Guy McLoughlin. 

These images are used with the permission of the photographer.