The CCR5 Delta 32 banners were originally installed as part of a group exhibit about endogenous retroviruses curated by Dr. Wendy Wobeser, co-founder of the Nascent Art Science Collective.   

It was first exhibited in 2014 at Nuit Blanche (Toronto).  This is a citywide overnight arts festival that draws a large public audience. At the exhibit, it was interesting and very satisfying to speak with many high school and college students who seemed sincerely interested in the visualization of the mutation and its consequences with respect to HIV/AIDS.   Doctors and medical scientists who visited the exhibit found it a useful form of science communication and have used image for university lectures.

Thanks to Dr. Wendy Wobeser and HIV researcher Dr. Mario Ostrowski for their input and support.

exhibits and reviews

Included in Wellcome Trust Image Collection.

Review by The Austin Chronicle, July 1, 2016

Evolution. Art.Science.Gallery in Austin, USA. 
June 18 to July 30, 2016

SciArt in America Magazine, April/May 2016  

Back to Basics Conference, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Toronto, Canada 2014

Spadina Museum, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada 2014