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october 2017

New Instagram page

Started a second Instagram page. I am calling it "Mending my life". For now it is about mending socks and stuff. It is my hope to add content about making my life better in general. You can visit the page at


May 2017

Feature in Science Borealis Blog
What is Science Art?
Seven science artists, including myself, were asked "What is SciArt?" See our answers in this recent Science Borealis blog post "Into the Heart of SciArt."  Thanks to Katrina Wong and Raymond Nakamura for their interest in Canadian science artists, we definitely need the support. Science Borealis is a Canadian digital science salon, collecting blogs and blogging about all things science through a Canadian lens.

Star Trek Commemorative Spoons Project
*** New Exhibit Announcement  ***
So excited to announce that the Star Trek Commemorative Spoons will be exhibiting at the Mirfield Arts Festival in July 2017. Thank you to the Creative Arts Hub for inviting me.

Mirfield, UK, is Sir Patrick Stewart's hometown and this year the festival is including Star Trek as one of its themes.


Last spoon almost done.
It will be a commemorative spoon for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). According to NASA, this telescope will eventually replace the Hubble telescope, and it was formerly named the Next Generation Space Telescope before being renamed to the JWST. There is a lot of exciting research possible with this new telescope, including the ability to look further into space than ever before and the ability to see clues of life on other planets. 

Here is a concept image of JWST from NASA and some progress photos of the JWST spoon.

James Webb Space Telescope Artist Conception. Source: NASA, Image credit: Northrop Grumman

James Webb Space Telescope Artist Conception. Source: NASA, Image credit: Northrop Grumman

March and april 2017

Star Trek Commemorative Spoons
Four of the five spoons completed.

February 2017

Star Trek Commemorative Spoons
I have been invited to participate an arts festival in July 2017. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the theme is Star Trek. I am a big fan of Star Trek.

After a month of research, I finally have a concept. A series of five commemorative spoons that celebrates the intersection of NASA space research and Star Trek's theme of exploration. The working title is The Star Trek Commemorative Spoons. Four of the spoons will be from Star Trek, and one will be from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, originally named The Next Generation Space Telescope. 

Here is a preliminary sketch using some past spoons as reference.


january 2017


Gift exchange with my daughter, the blacksmith student. She made the sign and I made the spoon.

december 2016

A new mug and a new spoon. A perfect end to a year full of artistic adventures. 

Why am I on a mug? See Oct 2016 entry. Photo source:  Red Bubble

Why am I on a mug? See Oct 2016 entry.
Photo source: Red Bubble

november 2016


October 2016

 "Find out what 100 scientists, journalists, policy makers, communications specialists, government leaders, and artists think about the importance and goals of science communication in our nation." Science Borealis

I am proud to have been selected for this wonderful initiative by Science Borealis.  My sincerest thanks @vexedmuddler for composing this image of me, my work and my statement. 


September 2016

It's 90% finished here.  Might need to fine tune it once I've tested it.


I decided to try Instagram because it seemed like a good place for all the random workshop photos I take. What totally surprised me was the huge community of spoon carvers that is present on Instagram.  Their work is mind-blowingly beautiful and the photography is captivating. So I've tried to raise the bar on my photography.  Here are 3 new photos taken for Instagram.  Click on the link to visit my Instagram account (@workshop_emei)



Wrote my first guest blog article. It's about the Portuguese man-of-war. See it here.

An image of my CCR5 Delta 32 banners were accepted into the Wellcome Images Collection. It is image number B0010900.

Shared another 2 airplant pieces. I have 4 more plants to deliver - eventually.

july 2016


Interesting review of the CCR5 banner by a non-scientist.