Counting by hundreds.

In 2014, I painted 2 large banners with thousands of little rectangles representing DNA sequences. 

To test it for accessibility, I invited my neighbour Gwen to see what she thought. Here is a 3 min video showing how Gwen turns the sciart into a math problem, making it more like STEMart. (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Gwen took a long time to calculate the total number of squares by using basic math skills. Her concentration was amazing and the exercise lasted much longer than my video was able to capture.

She does eventually figure it out. So how many squares are there? I'll let her tell you. (9 sec video)

And finally, there is her brilliant arithmetic write up.

Thanks to Gwen for participating in my video.  Shown with the permission of Gwen and her parents.

More about the artwork: CCR5 Delta 32