Tagging Stem Cells

This exhibit is about an ingenious experiment published in 1963 by Drs. Till, McCulloch and their graduate student Dr. Becker, at the Ontario Cancer Institute & University of Toronto.(1) Their primary area of research was leukemia, which is a cancer involving blood cells in the bone marrow. Using radiation technology and microscopy work, they became the first scientists to identify stem cells which significantly advanced the study of stem cells and cancer therapy worldwide.  

Online Exhibit

Gallery Exhibit

The gallery exhibit is set of 4 slides, each slide is a paper collage mounted between 2 sheets of acrylic plates.  The slides sit on wooden planks and is back lit by custom made light boxes.  Accompanying the images are description cards that take the reader through the steps of the discovery. 

The overall design is inspired by the microscopy work that is central to the experiment discussed. The on-line format are photographs of the art work but digitally tinted. The colours are inspired by the blue and purple stains used in hematology.

Approximate Dimensions: 180cm x 60cm (6ft x 2ft)

(1) Read the original publication at this link  tspace.library.utoronto.ca/bitstream/1807/2779/2/Nature_1963_197_452.pdf .

Special thanks to Dr. Till for his correspondence.