Tagging Stem Cells - Gallery Exhibit

The Tagging Stem Cell exhibit uses simple abstracted drawings of cells to describe how stem cells were first identified by scientists in 1963.

The gallery exhibit is set of 4 collages, each collage is mounted between 2 sheets of acrylic plates.  Each slide sits on a wooden plank and is back lit by a custom made light box.  This exhibit requires an electrical outlet for the LED lights.

Accompanying the images are description cards that take the reader through the steps of the discovery. 

Approximate Dimensions: 180cm x 60cm (6ft x 2ft)

The Protean Self 2016
Museum of Health Care, Kingston, Canada

The Tagging Stem Cell installation was conceived as part of The Protean Self Exhibit curated by the Nascent Art Science Collective. The featured scientist and inspiration for the show was Dr. Jim Till, renowned Canadian stem cell researcher.

This art work is currently available for exhibiting at conferences and galleries. An installation specific explanation of the experiment would written for the intended audience.